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Estimation and Mapping of Wet and Dry Mercury Deposition across Northeastern North America




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Dr. Eric K. Miller of Ecosystems Research Group, Ltd. participated in the Northern States Research Cooperative / Northeastern Ecosystem Research Cooperative Northeast Mercury Research Group

The main purpose of the 3-year study was to document the extent of mercury (Hg) distribution in northeastern North American surface waters, sediments and key biota and to relate that distribution to depositional gradients, land cover, landform and land use.


Ecosystems Research Group conducted high spatial resolution modeling of atmospheric mercury deposition to the region. Modeling included the RGM, GEM and aerosol dry deposition pathways as well as wet deposition. The atmospheric deposition modeling results along with 20 other studies describing mercury in surface waters, sediments, and wildlife of the Northeast will be published in the April 1st 2005 edition of the journal Ecotoxicology.


Press materials related to the Northeast Mercury Research Group study results will be available at on March 8, 2005.


Funding for mercury deposition modeling was provided by Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) and Environment Canada.