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Estimation and Mapping of Wet and Dry Mercury Deposition Across Northeastern North America

ERG conducted high-resolution modeling of atmospheric mercury deposition to northeastern North America in support of a regional science initiative to assess the factors controlling mercury levels in surface waters and biota.      More Details...

Assessment of Forest Sensitivity to Sulfur and Nitrogen Deposition in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada

Dr. Eric K. Miller of Ecosystems Research Group, Ltd. Is the Lead Scientist for the US Regional Assessment component of the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers Forest Sensitivity to Acid Deposition Mapping Initiative.      More Details...

Atmospheric Mercury in Vermont and New England: Measurement of Deposition, Surface Exchanges, and Assimilation in Terrestrial Ecosystems

In collaboration with the Univ. of Vermont, Univ. of Michigan, USGS, and the State of Vermont, ERG is conducting measurements of mercury exchanges between forests and the atmosphere in New England   More Details...





Estimation and Mapping of Mercury Deposition in Vermont and New Hampshire

ERG supported the VTDEC lead VT-NH USEPA REMAP study of mercury risk to aquatic ecosystems by providing high spatial resolution estimates of atmospheric mercury deposition from precipitation, cloud water, dry aerosols, elemental Hg vapor and reactive gaseous Hg.

Atmospheric Deposition Estimates Supporting TMDL Analysis for Acid Impaired Lakes

Using data from NOAA and the NADP and CASTNET acid deposition monitoring programs in conjunction with ERG’s High Resolution Deposition Model (HRDM) we have developed estimates of S and N loading to acid sensitive watersheds and lakes in New England.

Other Projects

  • High-Resolution Forest Type Map for New England
  • Digital Atlas of New England Bedrock Mineralogy and Chemistry
  • Digital Atlas of New England Soil Mineralogy and Chemistry
  • Quality Assurance Modeling of Cloudwater Deposition for the CASTNET-cloud Program